~Boudoir is a beautiful investment, my time and process with you is to insure that we have the most amazing session. Once interested we have a phone consultation and we chat about all your ideas! ( feel free to share any pinterest ideas with me...visuals are great!) We talk everything through and answer any questions you have. After our phone call I'll email you a questionnaire along with Collection info and pricing. Once we know what your needs are we go over and decide the best Collection for you. The week of your session I'll touch base and discuss any last minute ideas ( get excited!!!) The day of bring your items, playlist and anything else you want for your amazing photoshoot. After your session we'll go over a few different options to view your images. Boudoir is a beautiful, emotional and empowering experience. I want you to feel all the good feels before, during and after your session. I want to take this simple moment for you and make it unforgettable


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Detroit/Chicago/New York SessionS spaces are limited

The La New Boudoir Collections is artistically designed to offer you the most amazing experience. Fine Art Boudoir. Each collection offers a detailed session focusing on all your amazing quirks, qualities and uniqueness. It all starts with a phone consultation getting to know you, your personality and everything important about your boudoir session. After our consultation I'll email you all the details, what to expect and guide you every step of the way~ Lets get excited!!